After months of planning you are finally ready to start the construction of your supermarket but when choosing which steel suppliers to use it can be a battle of price over quality. However, at Process Steels we pride ourselves on offering exceptional quality at a competitive price and this has been proven throughout our 15 years in the business. We are the number one steel stockholders in the Birmingham, Dudley and West Bromwich areas but are thrilled to be able to expand our services to cater for the whole of the UK.

We have previously worked with supermarket giants such as Farmfoods and work on both new projects as well as refurbishments. Our range of RSJ beams are suited perfectly to the construction of supermarkets as well as warehouses as we offer a vast range of sizes of I beams, H beams and C beams. Whatever your design we are sure to be able to cater to your needs wherever you are in the UK as we measure and customise our steel to your specific requirements.

If you are behind schedule with the project do not panic, as we keep a large supply of steel materials in stock at our warehouse so that we can deliver to you as quickly as possible. We understand that within the supermarket industry time is of the essence, and opening as soon as possible is a priority to be able to get ahead of competitors.

Once we have delivered the steel to your site we can also offer our site erection services to make sure you receive the highest quality service. This way you can rest assured that the foundation of your structure is sound and that due to our careful planning there are no issues.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to call us on 01215 265757 or contact us via the website here.


Juliet balconies have become a more and more common option when it comes to both flats and houses. They get there name ‘Juliet’ after that famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. But romanticism aside why are they becoming such a popular addition to the home?


There are many different types and styles of Juliet balconies available, all unique in their own way. They are most commonly made from steel, offering a strong and aesthetically pleasing extra to your home. Depending on their style they can really compliment the look of your home, adding to a period property.


If you have large windows or doors in your home or flat a Juliet balcony could be the ideal item to provide that extra level of security particularly if you have small children or pets in the home. They allow you to open your doors and windows in the summer without the risk of danger to your family members.


A Juliet balcony can allow you to let a large amount of light into your room without compromising safety in your home or business. If you’re looking to create a bright an airy home that you can open up when the warmer weather comes around, a Juliet balcony could be the perfect addition. They can allow you to enjoy fantastic views from the comfort of your home.

Here at Process Steels we believe a Juliet balcony can bring a touch of luxury to a property, which is why we fabricate and supply bespoke Juliet balconies for both the home and the business.

If you’re looking for a Juliet balcony, steel balustrades or even a steel staircase to improve the aesthetics of a property then be sure to get in touch with the expert team here at Process Steels.